A good citizen must be well informed and well educated .

EDUCATION is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. Its orgins, Greece. It is to properly prepare a good citizen, one of diligent duty.

To advance (its presumed herin) one must DESIRE to have the best education possible.  At least that’s for a reasonable man. So that the government in all its might would then faciltate if not set out such opportunities as part of it mandate for the benefit of its citizenry. A good example, is to facilitate easier access on the respective opportunities. In this case the Ministry of education (the ministry). When the Ministry decides to load their website, see itt.It is ISO cettified!

Apart from dead links and forbbiden resource(s), the oddly refreshed display, subliminal images… its an amazing site. The information is diffcult to obtain, but is belabouredly present. The purpose of education could be defeated by design.

At the time of this writing, It can’t be that students are the target audience. The impressions are oblivious. One wold be convinced that the choice in direction sympathizers of a dictatorial regime When the PR officals appear to be at events, always. The messaging is poorly communicated. Take for instance images of officials walking past half complete constructions without proper safety gear, posing in empty rooms. These tend to see urgent. However, the point here is to DEMONSTRATE a direction similar to that of the photo captioned “…. juggles a ball during a launch event.” A derrailing narrative. But a narrative at the least.

Indeed the Ministry offers many opportunities for scholarships that should better displayed to achieve the purpose.  To make information available. To see other opportunities click here.

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