The Social commentary October 2021.

Once upon a time, there was the birth of a country. The leaders then were feared. Word around town is that they would cane their subordinates. After the fact, they would be cheered and pampered on their high horses. You know. It is hard to believe that such happened in the context of now. With all these granted democratic rights… we should get to them later. Then there were the curious minds. Those that were fluent in their expressions. They expressed their inherent rights. They were eliminated. Like Jesus, they stirred up the people. That was and still is not acceptable in many other places.

Sometimes, in the usual mundane way of doing things, group minds forget to question the obvious that makes no sense. There are so many examples. For instance, why do you need to capitalize ‘G’ for one God and not for the other? Does it mean that  God takes offense for such even with his ability to know what one means? Or is it that he is so petty that he punishes heavily for such an oversight. Then he can only be feared. Not loved, Respect is something else together. Either way, it is all semantics. A way to control a weak mind. One with little or no self-discipline. Most of the time, the god that is closer and relatable tends to be assigned the small ‘g’. A good place to start from is the pretext that only the Christian God should have the Capital ‘G’. African gods should have a small ‘g’. But Africans are not regressive. Or are they?

Similarly, it is insisted upon that democracy is the government by the people by the people and for the people. Nothing can be further from the truth in our local setting. It is only recently that we learn of the fallacy. Indeed, the semantics have legitimized the lies and seemingly forever banished common sense. Yet, there is a legitimate basis for such arguments. Democracy tends to justify anything that aligns with sentiments of majority rule. Even when it is demagogue antics in play. If at all this was the case, we might all eat pizza for all meals and sing rhetorics of false inspirations even though it is not what one prefers.

More recently, it is so bad that those that seek the instruments of power do not need to make sense. As a people, we all know it. Moreover, their antics give to ensure that they climb the stairs of political authority by spewing nonsense for as long as there is a sympathetic ear. And as if by defaults, they enchante us to acquiesce to their plunder with shambolic governance. Later we would then complain as they live degraded lives. The supposed caretakers, begin the rush to get rich quickly. Higher taxes, loans, constriction of expenditure, and deprivation of private rights among other bads instead of goods. On repeat throughout the political circles.

At times, it is impossible to decern the ideologies that are being flaunted. One, there are no coherent discussions of what should happen once an individual assumes the role of governance. The messy economy and the ever-rising cost of living are worsened by the ragging taxes. The government being what it is, it is most impressed by more collections for which it can justify the increase in its expenditure. The beneficiaries of such schemes are always known unknowns. Thanks to the sanitation procedures. As you can see on free the bought airtime.

The bottom line, the robin hood economy is a bad idea. THERE, is a lot to be done when it comes to civic duties. Individuals must understand the Right and Obligations of a citizen on one hand, and, Good Leadership on the other. All must first not be expectant on the government handouts to break even. The government cannot give what it doesn’t have.

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