In a recent exploration of legal intricacies within the Environment and Land Court (ELC) in Kenya, two appeals (Mohamud Ali Osman v Habiba Ali Osman & 3 others [2022] eKLR visa vie Peter Nakupang Lowar v Nautu Lowar [2022] eKLR) shed light on the delicate balance between procedural adherence and jurisdictional scrutiny. The cases, originating in Kitale and Garissa, diverge in outcomes, offering valuable insights into Kenya’s evolving legal landscape.

Procedural Adherence: The Garissa Case

The Garissa case underscores the importance of following procedural steps meticulously. The court insisted on first exhausting available remedies at the trial court before pursuing an appeal, aligning with the principle that judicial review is a remedy of last resort. This highlights the significance of a disciplined approach to legal proceedings, emphasising the need to explore all avenues at the trial level before escalating to a higher court.

Jurisdictional Scrutiny: Kitale’s Decision

Contrastingly, Kitale’s decision highlights the court’s duty to scrutinize its jurisdiction before entertaining a matter. The court’s acknowledgment of its duty to ensure jurisdictional alignment reflects a commitment to procedural integrity. This aspect showcases the court’s dedication to upholding the rule of law and maintaining the proper exercise of legal authority.

Balancing Interests: A Common Thread

Both cases reflect the court’s delicate task of balancing the interests of parties involved. While Kitale prioritized the potential for substantial loss and the need to preserve the subject matter, Garissa emphasized the importance of exhausting available remedies before escalating to an appeal. This common thread reveals the court’s commitment to fairness, ensuring that parties navigate legal proceedings with equity and adherence to due process.


These contrasting outcomes offer a glimpse into Kenya’s legal evolution, emphasizing the delicate interplay between procedural adherence and jurisdictional integrity. As Kenya’s legal landscape continues to evolve, these cases contribute to the evolving jurisprudence within the Kenyan legal system. Navigating legal waters requires a keen understanding of both procedural nuances and the court’s commitment to fairness, highlighting the intricate dance between adherence to legal procedures and the scrutiny of jurisdictional boundaries.

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