Life is not fair. The system is rigged. So go the cries. Historically, there has never been a conspiracy against humanity. It is all in know. Mostly by taking up active pursuit of knowledge. One could read listen or watch or otherwise. Its either one knows or you do not. Woe unto you who does not. For even such Knowledge is free. It is not a trap. Only for a weak mind. There is only Right and wrong. Then why allow such entrapment? Moreover, to develop strong emotions of love and hate for strangers is useless. All in the name of practicing misinformed civic activities.

Such is termed emotional whipping. It can only result in suffering. Now the talk of soft life. Whatever that means. Perhaps the allure of quick money and constant pampering. How dare you. You Dream of an escape from the suffering. No work? Just manifestation? I dare you. I would guarantee a future of pain and agony, surmised as the essence of life. Yet mind and body are very distinct entities. You must understand Natural law. The law of causation is a good start.

As an individual gains consciousness of their existence, the need to properly train the mind becomes key. In one hand ignorance causes fear. On the other, knowledge endears and nurtures one to properity. Therefore, the choice should be apparent raher than abstract.

You see, Freedom is the key. Such is God given. That is beside the point. Once you know where you came from, where you are and have where you are going, (in a truly free democratic society) nothing can stop you. TEACH THE CHILDREN ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG. LET THEM THINK ON THEIR OWN.

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