Law reforms are always for the better of mankind. There has been recent sporadic amendments of laws in kenya. This includes the Employment Act, 2007 (the “Employment Act”). However, the efficacy of some of the amendments raise debate.

The 2019 pandemic was chronic with shifts in the legs field. It was a wash with introduced and change of paradigm in how the law is practised and how the regulations are applied. When contrasted with the consequences, some of the recent amendments appear to undo the achievements of the Kenyan society. For instance, the amendment to employee’s right not to be contacted by their employer outside of contractual working hours. the exception is that other than when necessary to deal with a workplace emergency.  What amounts to a work place emergency is not defined. Furthermore, the Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security may declare any other service as an essential service. Essential service providers are excluded from the right to disconnect.Well, when goal posts shift, then you are most likely never going to enjoy whatever rights those rights provide.

Labor although (somewhat) now sidelined constitutes and remains the main ingredient for the production. However,when it is identified as a cog in the bigger machine, to others it becomes a form of economic and political definitions. For more regulations and or perhaps more liberal decisions.   There is a need to openly acknowledge the place of mental health within labor relations. The emphasis is on relevant stakeholders being aware of compliance requirements. To do so is reacknowledged Labor as a legitimate factor in society’s wellbeing. Our law reads as though such advances have come, but they seem to do so in piecemeal and ever so slowly.

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