Embark on a seamless company registration journey by arming yourself with essential documents. Let’s begin by gaining a clear understanding of the key company forms: CR1, CR2, CR8, and more. The registration process itself unfolds on a citizen platform.

To navigate the path of company registration effectively, it’s crucial to comprehend the nature of the required documents. The CR1, also known as the Company Registration Form, serves as the foundational paperwork, capturing the essence of your business entity. Moving on to the CR2, the Memorandum of the Company with Share Capital, plays a pivotal role, providing intricate details about the structure and essence of your company’s share capital.

Another critical document is the CR8, which involves the Notice of a Registered Address of the company directors. It essentially signifies any change or the initial registration of residential addresses of directors. Additionally, each director and shareholder needs to accompany their identification documentation with the application, encompassing residential addresses and passport photos. These elements collectively play a crucial role in establishing a comprehensive application, ensuring the successful registration of the company.

As you progress through the registration journey, anticipate a series of essential downloads. From obtaining the Company KRA PIN to securing the Certificate of Incorporation, the Initial CR12, and the Name Reservation Certificate, each download contributes to solidifying your company’s legal foundation. This step-by-step guide aims to simplify the registration process, making it not only compliant but also streamlined for success.

Required Documents
Names Three Proposed Company names
Address Company primary address
Identification Identification documents for the directors’ and shareholders
Proportions Share proportions and type of shares complete with their nominal value
Documents to be submitted (uploads)
Signed company registration form CR1
Signed memorandum of the company with share capital CR2
Signed notice of a registered address CR8
Signed statement of nominal capital STATEMENT OF NOMINAL CAPITAL
Required Documents For each Director/Shareholder
  PIN certificate
  Residential addresses
  Passport photo
What documents to expect (Downloads)
  Company KRA PIN
  Certificate of incorporation
  Initial CR12
  Name Reservation Certificate
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